The fastest, handiest approach to trim rows of shrubs and bushes or style detailed and intricate landscaping is using a powered hedge trimmer. Additionally, they provde the capability to prune perennials, grasses and ground cover. High-quality trimmers should provide a clean, even cut, giving your yard a beautiful, well-groomed appearance. This article will help you comprehend the different types of power sources, blades and features so that you can find the hedge trimmer suitable for the project.

Varieties of Hedge Trimmers

Hedge trimmers could have one of two power sources: electricity or gas. The initial big decision when choosing a hedge trimmer is what sort of power you prefer.


For most home users, electric hedge trimmers will be the smart choice. They’re more lightweight and so much easier to use. They’re cheaper. They’re quieter. And they’re easier to start and look after than gas models. The key area where electric hedge trimmers fall short is in terms of power, for especially big or tough trimming jobs, the task will probably be slower and a lot more difficult than with a gas hedge trimmer.

Electric hedge trimmers may be found in either corded or cordless options. Using a corded hedge trimmer, you’ll must do handle extension cords while you work and remain within a set distance in the outlet the whole time, that is inconvenient. Corded hedge trimmers create the work easier that you can go as far from the outlet that you need, don’t must trail cords behind you, and can utilize the trimmer for as long as the battery charge lasts.


In case you have a bigger yard with big hedges, a gas hedge trimmer can be really worth the buy. They will cost more, weigh more, and they are harder to use (especially for beginners), but they might take on tougher jobs faster. If you’ll be employing your hedge trimmer for commercial purposes, or for those who have hedges which are particularly large, thick, or unruly, then this gas hedge trimmer can certainly make the task easier.

Note: If you’re a new comer to hedge trimmers, start with an electrical hedge trimmer. They’re quicker to maneuver and safer to use when you’re getting the hang of things. If you realise the electric hedge trimmer isn’t powerful for your needs after you’ve become skilled at utilizing it, then consider upgrading to gas.

Choosing the best Cut

Dual blades cut in both direction from each side in the plant. Blade sizes vary from no more than 5 inches for an electric detail trimmer to 26-inch blades for heavy-duty cutting. Most blades cut branches approximately 3/4 inches, but larger capacity trimmers are available. A hand guard is provided for safety.

Weight and balance are essential since you’ll be holding the appliance at chest height or higher. From time to time, you’ll be also utilizing the tool with your arms extended. Some models offer telescoping poles to extend your reach.


There are a variety of security features you can seek out when picking a trimmer. Tooth extensions, models that cut capacity to the blade, dual switches and front-handle shields all will enhance your operation whilst keeping you safe.

Tooth extensions assist in preventing your legs along with other areas of the body from coming into experience of the teeth, minimizing the chances of getting cut.

Seek out models that cut power to the blade the instant you release the trigger to lessen the possibility of a crash.

Dual switches require two-handed operation for safer use.

Trimmers that secure the “off” position prevent children from accidentally activating them.

Front-handle shields prevent your forward hand from contacting the blade.


Features for example wraparound handles, high-carbon steel blades and further battery packs will help you customize your hedge trimmer to satisfy your exact needs.

Wraparound Handle: Wraparound handles enhance comfort by letting you conserve a comfortable position no matter your angle.

High-Carbon Steel Blades: Not merely will high-carbon steel blades keep going longer and supply more efficient cutting, they are often sharpened to extend life.

Lock On: If you’re undertaking long, difficult tasks, a lock-on feature may help reduce fatigue by assisting you to keep cutting while not having to depress the trigger.

Translucent Fuel Tanks: Gas-powered units with translucent fuel tanks permit you to closely monitor fuel levels to successfully don’t run out during a job.

Pigtail: A pigtail can be a short duration of cord that connects to an extension cord. Having one in the end of the corded electric trimmer will make it easier to plug in and unplug the extension cord while minimizing the possibilities of an accidental disconnection.

Poles: If you want to trim hard-to-reach areas that are high up, a pole extension provides you with the length you ought to get the position done.

Kits: Together with functioning as a hedge trimmer, some kits permit you to convert the tool to a string trimmer, patio broom or any other useful device for added versatility.

Extra Battery Packs: When you select a cordless electric trimmer, extra battery packs can provide extended runtime for larger jobs.

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